What is Appliance Disposal and How To Do It?

what is appliance disposalThe Junk Rats posted a new article about Appliance Disposal. Appliance disposal is the removal of household waste, safely dismantling it in an environment or a place (usually a recycling company) where they break down the appliance parts to use again.  The re-used parts are turned into another valuable resource or thing.

What items can you recycle?

Here’s a list of some items you can recycle, but not limited:

  • microwave ovens
  • old refrigerators
  • old dishwashers
  • old washing machines
  • electric ovens
  • toasters
  • kettles
  • heaters
  • vacuum cleaners
  • irons
  • rice cookers
  • electric stove or flat stove

How do you know if you can recycle an old appliance?

If it is electronic, has a plug, uses batteries or chargers, you can definitely recycle it.

Head over to 1844JunkRat.com’s blog about How to Dispose Of Household Appliances and learn more.

JunkRat offers safe household appliance disposal or removal services. Here’s some of the items that the Junk Rats take:

  • mattress
  • printers
  • televisions
  • bicycles
  • carpets
  • computers
  • hot tubs
  • monitors
  • refrigerators
  • sofa
  • scrap metals
  • washers
  • dryers

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