Safety Tips for Home Furniture Removal

Home furniture removal doesn’t need to be a nerve-wrecking experience. Broken back, broken toes, or broken fingers shouldn’t be a problem. By planning ahead and consulting with your furniture removal NJ provider, you can have a smooth transition and zero injuries.

The difficulty of furniture removal depends on the size and quantity of your items. To ensure safety and fulfillment when working on the task at hand, here are some crucial safety rules to follow.

  • Bend your back often. Back and torso are some of the common areas that are affected by strain. When lifting objects, always keep your knees bent. Some objects are heavier than they appear and failing to do this may lead to injury.
  • Use plastic sheeting. Place adequate amount of sheeting underneath heavy furniture so you can easily move them around the house. Just make sure that plastic is strong enough to endure the heavy weight.
  • Wear shoes with slip resistant soles. When moving furniture, it’s very easy to slip over especially on smooth floors. To prevent this, you can wear durable boots with soles that give a nice grip to the surface. You can also use this trick when you need to go up and down the stairs.
  • Wear protective clothing. Injuries like bruises, cuts, and scratches can be prevented by proper attire. Wearing thick leather gloves is also a must. It adds extra grip to the hands.
  • Understand hand signals. If you’re working with a buddy, it is best that you make your hand signals clear. This method comes in handy if you’re lifting really furniture and you have to transfer it to a distant location.
  • Keep children and pets at bay. A running child or a pet loitering around the working area is a disaster waiting to happen. Have someone keep them away from the area to prevent accidents.
  • Let the professionals handle it. If the furniture removal task becomes too tough to handle, get the experts to do the job for you. A good furniture removal NJ provider has the right tools and equipment to handle your removal needs.


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