How to Eliminate Yard Waste

Piles of grass, tree clippings, dried leaves, or torn old shed – these are just some of the things that add up to yard waste. Normally, we do the yard cleanout every summer, and you’d like to finish before the freezing winter season. With all the activities you want to cover, how can you do yard garbage removal efficiently right before the summer is over? These tips will surely help you out.

  1. Leaf blower – Tired of using rake for gathering dried leaves and grass all over the yard? Use a leaf blower instead. The machine reduces the work and time needed for this task. However, since it just moves yard debris around, you will need a bit of effort when picking them up.
  2. Yard debris bags – These bags come very cheap at home improvement stores. The great thing with yard waste bags is that they have huge capacity so you can load more debris before they get picked up by your local garbage removal service. These bags are normally fabricated from brown recycled paper.
  3. Composting – One of the most eco-friendly solutions you can try is composting. This method doesn’t only eliminate yard waste, it also produces compost that you can use to grow vegetables and flowers in the garden. This means you don’t need to spend money on buying fertilizers or manure for your garden beds. As long as you collect dried leaves, clipping, and grass, you’ll get plenty of compost for future use.
  4. Lawnmower – You can use a lawnmower for chopping leaves and tiny twigs that you can use for mulching around trees and shrubs in the yard. If you have larger pieces of wood to mulch, consider using a chipper instead.
  5. Garbage removal service – Don’t have the time to work in the yard? Better seek a reliable garbage removal company! More often than not, they have the best equipment and people for the job.

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